We were founded by the need for innovation and to design specifically for a customer’s needs. Through our history this has never changed, introducing quality, efficiency, and strong relationships to the market.

Data Panel Corp. was founded in 1958 as Transistor Electronics Corporation (TEC). TEC developed a line of pushbutton switches and indicators that supported the emerging computer industry, as well as performing significant work on the development of the personal computer.

In 1991, Data Panel shifted its focus to medical and automotive markets, and began developing products such as hand controls, switch products, switch and display panels, as well as keyboards and graphics.

Throughout our evolution as a company, there has remained a strong common philosophy: to design and produce products that fulfill unique electronic distribution and control applications. Building on our rich history of innovation, Data Panel continues to improve the form and function of old technology by applying state-of-the-art designs and technologies in new and unique ways.

Our Product Development Process, modeled after the automotive industry’s PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), ensures a fundamentally-solid and timely development workflow.