We provide Value through Innovation Every Day.

To provide Value through Innovation.  We are a design and assembly company of electro-mechanical controls, committed to the advancement of American manufacturing in the mobile equipment industry.  We bring value by being intuitive to the needs of the marketplace and absorbing manufacturing steps and content into the next level assembly through the application of technology. Our products improve manufacturing through-put and aid in diagnosing or trouble shooting of system operation on the assembly line and in the field.

We must earn the trust of our customers and partners. We listen to them and deliver to their expectations. As a quality-driven, solutions-based company, our vision and values are focused on delivering exactly what the customer needs; creating the foundation for long lasting relationships.

Quality, Innovation & Speed

These values are reflected in everything we do. We are committed to constantly searching for new and better ways to improve our products, services and internal processes.


Our accomplishments are greater, and we have more fun, when we work together as members of committed and resourceful teams.  Together we overcome the divisional, functional and geographic boundaries that separate us.  Our teams recognize the importance of having a common vision and shared goals, learning from each other, holding each other responsible for delivering on our commitments, resolving conflict and celebrating success.

Initiative & Commitment

Data Panel Corporation’s results are achieved through the personal initiative and commitment of each employee.  Each of us holds ourselves accountable for delivering results and driving change.  We welcome new challenges as well as continual improvement opportunities and strive for creative solutions.  Data Panel is a learning organization, analyzing, sharing, applying lessons and moving forward.

Our Product Development Process, modeled after the automotive industry’s PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), ensures a fundamentally-solid and timely development workflow.