"When we were looking for a custom electronics solution, few companies possessed the skills to fit our needs. After a long search, we fortunately discovered Data Panel. Fast forward almost a decade, Data Panel is still utilizing those same skills to deliver projects on time and more efficiently than any other option on the market. We look forward to many years to come!"

—John Durkin, General Manager at Yellow Frog Automation

Not Just for the Back
Not Just for the Back

Front cab display panel

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A System of Solutions
A System of Solutions

You can look at your system and breathe again.

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See What xtremeDB Can Do For You
See What xtremeDB Can Do For You

xtremeDB halves the number of devices on your vehicle.

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This is how finesse your vehicle can be. With any combination of standard and/or custom devices, we can turn a hassle into a work of art. Our engineering team is committed to designing a system that optimizes your power, signal, and space needs, and our production team brings the individual merits of each device to life.

Ugly Industry Standard


Somehow, it became the standard to have countless wires, terminal strips, and other connection methods that do not ultimately meet the space optimization, harsh condition, and ease of installation requirements of mission-specific industry vehicles. Just see for yourself some of our products in action, and you'll never go back to this mess again.



"We use the High Current Switch (DP-22068) as our master power On/Off control for the system. It allows us to completely shut off the power to all the control elements when the trailer is not in use. This eliminates power drain of the batteries from a loading crew member leaving the lights on during storage or transport. [The users of our trailers] are typical teenagers—they will leave lights on! It also eliminates power loss from parasitic loads when in storage.

"The 8-position display control panel (DP-30038-1) allows us to now provide a point of master control of the trailer lighting and all moving functions. For safety, we locate this panel recessed in the rear door where all controlled moving functions are visible. From this location, the operator can control ramp deployment, interior retracting stair function, and elevating floor functions. The operator can also control exterior flood lighting and interior lighting.

"Implementation of the overall Data Panel control system has allowed for better energy control of the entire system. The controller (DP-34044-5-100) monitors the current loading and will shut down an output if the current gets higher than the set points. We also use the controller to monitor both solar charge voltage and battery voltage so we can maintain suitable power reserves to operate the loading ramp functions at the end of a long evening of performing."

—Jeff Hadley, V.P. of Innovation at Clubhouse Trailer Company


Clubhouse Trailer Company's story began in 2008 when the band director at Edmond Memorial High School asked band dad volunteers Drew Taylor and Jeff Hadley to figure out how to solve her growing program’s transportation challenges. Taylor and Hadley embarked on a 2-year effort to evaluate, design, and implement a solution that would consider all the risks around students and the loading, unloading, moving, and storing of more than $1M in performance equipment. When the first trailer, Bulldog One, was finished, it caught the attention of other band programs in Oklahoma and, eventually, other states. Trailer production quickly escalated to full-time, and Clubhouse Trailer Company was named the overall Greater OKC Chamber Metro 50 winner for being the fastest growing, privately-held company in central Oklahoma in 2019. Their innovative products can be found across the nation, supporting high school and college marching bands, drum corps, and more.


“Murr/Data Panel is an excellent partner for OEMs in the mobile equipment market. Their products are specifically suited for the demanding applications of today’s equipment, and the technical and customer service support is first rate. Their ability to develop customized solutions without increasing costs makes them a unique and valuable supplier.” —Nicholas Rustifo, CFPHS, Territory Manager at Kraft Fluid Systems



“At Curry Supply, we strive to produce the highest quality products available in the industry, never settling for complacency. When it became apparent that our control panel would soon become outdated, we looked to Data Panel for their expertise in selecting appropriate equipment and programming that best serves our needs and the needs of the vehicle operator. Throughout the process of updating our system, Data Panel has aided us through every step, from our initial inquiry to the completed touchpad installation, resulting in a simplistic yet sophisticated streamlined product offering.” —Craig Fitzgerald, PE, Engineering Manager at Curry Supply Company

Curry Truck System Example.png


...completely different experience. What you see on the left is characteristic of what plagues many mobile machines, and what you see on the right is the vast quality-of-life improvement for both your machines and their operators. Our systems speak for themselves.

xtremeDB with Cables
xtremeDB with Cables

Data Panel's xtremeDB and Murrelektronik's MDC cables make a natural team.

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xtremeDB Illustrated System
xtremeDB Illustrated System

xtremeDB isn't just one solution—it's a system of solutions.

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xtremeDB Connections
xtremeDB Connections

Connections that maximize both system layout and durability.

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xtremeDB is the ultimate power and signal distribution suite of devices, so that means that it naturally revolutionizes the systems your vehicles rely on. Not only does it reduce the amount of devices your vehicle must house—not to mention reduced wiring efforts and cable lengths—but it begs the question: Why can't every device be this efficient? That's the question we ask—and answer!—every single time.



From start to finish, our systems accomplish the big picture goals for your fleet. Our custom devices are catered specially to your on-highway and off-highway applications, but perhaps you're looking for a more standard solution. No problem. Our standard devices take advantage of the best qualities from our custom solutions, so a specially-designed system of our standards can still meet the custom needs of your vehicles. Whether you need all custom, combo custom and standard, or all standard, our systems will be the right solution for your mobile applications.

Machine in Factory
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