• Currently there is a premature failure rate on the baler monitor system’s mechanical power switch.
  • Circuits need to be improved and reduced in size.
  • Evaluate the system in order to refresh and update the look.
  • Improve the intuitiveness of operator feedback through feel, organization, and indicators.
  • The new device must be backwards compatible.

Our Solution

  • Upgrade the circuit to keep power out of the components on the monitor surface.
  • Utilize components rated for 125% of the power and electrical transients.
  • Measure and document the existing power requirements.
  • Increase usage of sunlight readable LED indicators to improve operator feedback.
  • Add auto-dimmable LED’s for reduced light output in lower ambient conditions, providing improved operator comfort.
  • Seal switches for tactile and long life (+ 1 mil ops), offering the operator distinct touch and intuitive operation.
  • Design the device so that it is programmable through the back cover without complete disassembly or entry into the circuit area.
  • Make the device backward compatible.