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Family of Power Splitters Ups the Game of Power Distribution

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Plymouth, Minnesota, April 9, 2019 – Data Panel announced today the availability of a power splitter family that will efficiently distribute power and increase the ease of maintenance for this type of device in the mobile vehicles market. Designed to distribute energy across multiple conductors, the new power splitter family halves the upstream/downstream problem for efficient diagnosis and performs at a higher level than what the nearest competitive device can perform.

“This power splitter family can supply power and/or ground on a battery—or large gauge wires—and break it down into multiple conductors without splicing, joining, or welding wires,” said Jon Haulton, president of Data Panel.

This new power splitter family eliminates splices in the harness assembly, as well as the need for terminal strips, ring lugs and screws, or nuts to attach the wires. Instead, a crimp and poke method is applied. This new set of configurations therefore bypass the complexity of installation and use that burdens similar devices in the market.

The large gauge wire in this family is split into smaller gauge wires with lower capacities, the electrical energy funneling into 12-pin DEUTSCH® connectors for seamless power and ground distribution. The new family nullifies the issues of rusty or loose terminal strips, stacked ring connectors susceptible to corrosion, and unreliable solder splices.

Available in four variations, the family includes: the PS-1, which has a max current of 50 amps and is non-fused; the PS-2, which has a max current of 100 amps and is also non-fused; the PSG-2, while also non-fused and having a max current of 100 amps, has the unique feature of a single lug double connector; and the PSF-2, which has a max current of 90 amps and is fused.

“This family of power splitters ups the game of power distribution,” said Haulton. “Take a look at the xtremeDB blocks. [The xtremeDB blocks] is a family of product where up to four conductors can power the devices with a 52 Amp rating. A power splitter will survive two blocks at nearly full load.”

These designs specifically meet the power distribution needs of manufacturers in the heavy-duty vehicle industry. The elimination of in-cabinet assembly and the addition of diagnostic LEDs also increase device integration efficiency and the ease of maintenance. Thanks to their sealing, which has a rating of IP67, the new power splitter family will well serve mission-specific vehicles that perform in harsh conditions.

“It’s power distribution that still provides a secure power and ground connection without the need for a cabinet,” said Haulton. “This device goes where ordinary terminal strips will not survive.”

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