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Utility Expo 2021: A Success

Trade shows are good at fostering in-person interactions, and wow, did it feel great this year. Not only did we finally see some of our customers and distributors in person again, but we had the opportunity to meet so many more new people, and the quality of each interaction is still putting a bounce in our steps.

Larry Visiting the Custom Truck "Booth" (Building!)

This year, we brought 3 seasoned mobile sales engineers–Jon, Travis, and Seth–to man our brand new booth, and new to the crew were first-timers Larry (an electrical engineer) and Taylor (a technical writer/marketer). Sales team members attending the show included Norman, Joel, and Jose, who all are still relatively new to Murrelektronik and came to learn more about the utilities industry. A great team, all of whom learned something, met people, and added value to the quality of the show.

Check Out that Good-Looking xtremeDB on Elliot's Beautiful New Vehicle!

Two of the most exciting aspects: Seeing our product on the machines several of our customers were proudly showing off, and having the opportunity to show off our 3 newest product lines, all of which were released in the last year. A new series of 8...32 V DC High Current Switches with new connection strategies; a new product line of 4- and 8-Button Radio Remotes that plug directly into a CAN line; and the released-at-the-show xtremeDBm, which is everything you love about the xtremeDB, just smaller.

Included in this post are some photos and videos that capture just a fraction of the Data Panel/Murrelektronik experience at the Utility Expo 2021. See the show through our eyes, and we look forward to seeing you there again in 2023!

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