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The CAN Radio Remote that Eliminates the Cost-Prohibitive Nature of Wireless Mobile Machine Control

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

June 8th, 2021, Plymouth, MN—As electrification continues to become part of the conversation concerning mobile machine technologies, remote controls are gaining ground on the field. Among the benefits of implementing remote technology into mobile machines are increased operator safety and reduced machine downtime.

Outside the cab, machine operators are less likely to be exposed to dust, noise, and other hazards—as well as fatigue—associated with operating from the cab, so the need for frequent breaks from the machine are naturally reduced. The most significant benefit, however, is that jobs that might require a spotter, due to limited visibility within the cab, would no longer require additional personnel. The operator, untethered to the cab, would have full visibility of both the machine and any project; getting the operator out of harm’s way or moving them closer to the work when appropriate leads to improved efficiency, safety, and quality.

With clear advantages, it is no surprise that wireless control is prevalent in the mobile machine industry. One of the most significant drawbacks to the adoption of this technology, however, is that, for many OEMs of lower-cost machines, it can still be cost-prohibitive to implement. To see the advantages highlighted above, certain qualities cannot be disregarded for the sake of a low-cost solution:

  • Functional safety features such as Enable and Quick Stop buttons for safe start and emergency stops of the machine.

  • An ergonomic and accessible remote that can survive the typical wear-and-tear of in-field use.

  • Simplified connection to the CANBUS, especially as more machines adopt CAN J1939 protocols.

Until now, remotes that offered these features required a significant investment. But no longer. Data Panel and Murrelektronik present a transmitter and receiver combo that hits all these marks, and more, without breaking the bank. The DP400 and DP800 CAN Radio Remotes offer 4-button and 8-button remote options paired with a receiver that broadcasts directly onto the CANBUS with just one 4-pin DEUTSCH connection. Compatible with any CAN J1939 system, this wireless control option boasts 100m line-of-sight operation, low power consumption, and pre-installed 2x AA batteries. The combination of this remote and receiver duo when paired with a DPLogic-enabled xtremeDB® I/O module makes for a complete machine control system under $1,000.

About Data Panel Corporation Data Panel is a subsidiary of Murrelektronik that designs and manufactures electro-mechanical devices for the global market of mission-specific mobile machines. Our products include control, power management, I/O, and HMI devices. For more information on the company's products and services, contact Data Panel Corporation: 181 Cheshire Lane North, Suite 300, Plymouth, MN 55441; call 952.941.3511; visit

About Murrelektronik, Inc. Murrelektronik, Inc. is the North American arm of Murrelektronik GmbH, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art technology and made-to-measure solutions for complex automated industrial systems, network protocols and machine connectivity. For more information on the company's products and services, contact Murrelektronik, Inc.: 1327 Northbrook Parkway, Suite 460, Suwanee, GA 30024; call 770.497.9292; visit

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