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Power Splitter with Fuses

PSF-2 Power Splitter with Fuses, 2 Connector (IP67)

product sku: DP-38022-2
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Pricing Chart

PSF-2 Power Splitter with Fuses, 2 Connector (IP67)

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Quick Overview

The DP-38022-2 is a DEUTSCH Power Splitter and Distribution Device with fuses that improves wiring by taking the power and ground cable and splitting it out to two 12 pin DEUTSCH connectors for fast power and ground distribution with circuit protection. Device accepts up to six 15 Amp fuses (fuses not included).

Product Features
  • Status LED Indication for Power and fuse circuit.  Aids in diagnostic and trouble shooting.
  • Offers circuit protection.
  • Accepts up to (6) 15amp fuses (fuses not included).
  • Reduces wiring by splitting power and ground to sensors, lights, and other devices.
  • Provides improved connection quality with no splices, welds, or soldered wire joints.
  • Replaces junction boxes, fuse holders, and terminal strips.
  • Typical applications are supplying power and ground on a battery or large gauge wires and breaking it down into multiple conductors without splicing, joining, or welding wires.
  • Rugged, potted, sealed device (IP67).
  • Fuse cover includes 8-32 thumb screw/captive washer.
  • Power and Ground Lugs with different sizes:
    • 3/8-16″ Power
    • 5/16-18″ Ground



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Product Specifications
  • Current: 90 Amps 
  • Voltage: 9.0…36.0 Vdc
  • Storage Temp: -40 C to +80 C
  • Operating Temp: -40 C to +80 C
  • Housing: bent aluminum, potted
  • Fuse Cover: black, velvet matte ABS with gasket
  • Graphic/Label: black polycarbonate, white text
  • Mounting: flange
  • Connector: 
    • DEUTSCH DT15-12PA (134-1300-01612)
    • DEUTSCH DP15-12PB (134-1310-02612)
  • Mating Connector: 
    • DEUTSCH DP06-12SA (134-1000-01612) 
    • DEUTSCH DP06-12SB (134-1010-02612) 
  • Sockets: 
    • size 20 DEUTSCH 0462-201-20141 (134-0850-B0700)
    • size 16 DEUTSCH 0462-201-16141 (134-0850-K0600)
  • Wedgelock:
    • DEUTSCH W12S (134-16A0-00012)
  • Connector Kit: DP-38022-400
    • Includes mating Key A (gray) and Key B (black) connectors, wedgelocks, 16 GA sockets
  • Sealing Plug:
    • DEUTSCH 114017 (134-9997-07000)
  • Power and Ground Lugs with different sizes:
    • 3/8-16″ Power
    • 5/16-18″ Ground

Product Dimensions
  • Size (WxHxD):  4.00″x5.25″x2.10″
  • Weight (in grams): 600
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