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The SCR Cummins® Relay Module combines all the required relays for a DEF control system and EMC power into one easy-to-mount component. This unit eliminates the need for OEM’s to tediously wire the relays and fuses required by Tier 4 engines with SCR systems to control DEF and primary engine controller power.

12V for fuses: DP-38046-1-12

24V for fuses: DP-38046-1-24

12V for resettable breakers: DP-38046-3-12

24V for resettable breakers: DP-38046-3-24

SCR Cummins Relay Module: Products

DP-38046-1-12 DATA SHEET

SCR Cummins Relay Module: Files
SCR Cummins Relay Module: Image
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