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The electrical needs of your on-highway and off-highway equipment cannot always be met by

off-the-shelf products. We get it. In fact, this is the reason we became a custom mobile controls company in the first place. Choose to work with us, and you'll never

be asked to conform to an existing solution.

When the mission matters, so does the solution.



Data Panel’s sales and engineering team works with you to fully understand each application. Only then do we document a complete set of design, development, and performance specifications.


We perform all electrical design, including PCB layout, in-house to control every aspect of the development process. Each request is given the combined attention of our in-house mechanical, electrical, and software engineers to create a system that meets your specifications.


Data Panel is vertically-integrated across our manufacturing capabilities, which allows us to produce prototypes, both traditionally and via additive manufacturing, to meet your new product development needs, whether it be early stage proof-of-concept or production-intent prototypes. Our engineers ensure the design can be efficiently manufactured and meet your specified requirements.


Our in-house Quality Assurance lab includes environmental and performance testing. We partner with industry leaders, such as TÜV SÜD, for outsourced testing to meet the specific compliance standards/tests of EMC, CE, SIL, NMEA, or any other requested quality measures. Any special testing requirements that may necessitate outsourced compliance will be a priority for us.


Between automated soldering and custom screen-printing capabilities, our production employees use the strengths of machinery, like our pick 'n' place, and the standards of ISO 9000:2015 to build each piece with attention to detail and to assess for quality every step of the way.


The design of our products naturally reduces installation time since it is catered to your vehicle's system. Integration and start-up is a key consideration right from the start of the process. Our team of engineers is always available to provide answers, service, and field support for you and your customers at 952-941-3511 and


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