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When the Mission Matters, So Does the Solution

Data Panel Corporation designs and manufactures electro-mechanical devices for mission-specific mobile vehicles. Products can withstand harsh external conditions and include control switches, switch panels, power distributors, and battery management devices with I/O, HMI, and CANBUS communication capabilities. Easy installation, easy maintenance, custom designs.

Our niche in the mission-specific mobile vehicles market is defined by our origins in innovative custom solutions. It's the core idea that when the mission matters, so does the solution. We've developed and produced thousands of devices to meet the specific needs of our customers, and in learning from these specific needs, we have also developed and produced standard products with all the best qualities of our custom solutions. It's true that even our standard products can be customized to your specific needs: Require custom mounting, dimensions, programming, or labels? No problem.

Our Product Development Process ensures a fundamentally-solid and timely development workflow. Paired with this quality-assurance structure is the dedication of each and every one of our employees. Whether they are an engineer tailoring their designs to your needs, or a production worker meticulously bringing your vision into reality, passion is our lifeforce. Our employees all share the same vision and the same goals: To be a leader in the development of electro-mechanical devices for the mission-specific mobile vehicles industry.

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